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Dr. Kat Bowie is a Clinical Psychologist, Trauma Specialist, Body-Psychotherapist, Non-Traditional Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Tonglen Meditation Teacher, Nutritional Consultant, and certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance e200-RYT). She combines multiple new and ancient modalities of healing to offer a wide and holistic approach to experiencing your life in a new, exciting, peaceful, and clear way. Dr. Kat is a Trauma Release Specialist. Patients from all walks of life with a history of trauma and difficult experiences seek her unique services to help them find meaning, gain clarity, and feel secure in their lives, relationships, and careers. She is passionate about teaching these resilient people to heal from their trauma and to be able to feel confident, healthy, and free in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Kat's Trauma Release Yoga Wellness Program

How can Tauma affect me?

So many of us have experienced traumatic events in our lives.   

These hurtful events can mark our everyday lives with disruptions, such as:     

• Sleeping and Eating Disturbances     

• Physical Discomfort     

• Unexplained Weight Loss and Weight Gain     

• Difficulty Making Decisions     

• Difficult Interpersonal Relationships     

• Difficulty Concentrating     

• Constant Anxiety     

• Recurrent Depression     

• Panic Attacks     

• Chronic Stress and Tiredness     

• Feelings of Detachment from Life and Others     

    • Inability to Feel Joy, Peace, and Love     

• Confusion as to Your Direction in Life

"We can choose reality - stay with it, be here, show up, be open, turn toward the sights and the sounds and the thoughts that pass through our minds - or we can choose to turn away. But if we turn away, we can pretty much count on staying stuck in the same old pattern of suffering, never getting closer to experiencing wakefulness, never getting closer to experiencing the sacredness of our existence."

Pema Chodron

What are the Steps to Healing?

Gentle Step-by-Step

The First Step is Education 

Understanding how trauma has affected our brains and bodies is the first step in understanding how to correct these effects. We will explore research and information regarding: 

• How Trauma Affects the Brain Physiology 

• How Yoga Can Create New Neural Pathways in the Brain 

• How Nutrition Impacts the Brain and Body 

• How Meditation and Breathwork Activate Calmness. 

The Second Step is Movement 

The type of yoga that Dr. Kat utilizes in the TRY-Well program ™ is primarily a yin-style yoga. This is a very gentle yoga, utilizing props, quietness, breathwork, and meditation to help you reconnect with your self and your body.  

The Third Step is Breathing 

Breathing in a conscious manner yokes everything together. Paying attention to your breath nourishes your body and your mind. It gently allows you to explore previous anxiety provoking experiences and situations in a calmer manner, 

allowing you to stay in control.

 Breath is Spirit. 

Breath is Life. 

The Fourth Step is Nourishment 

Learning what foods and substances aid healing and calmness, and which foods and substances contribute to anxiety and depression is key to making healthier choices in our life. 

The Fifth Step is Allowing Space for OURSELVES 

As the information is explored, as the body is moved, as we reconnect with a Self we may never have known before, we begin to try on these new patterns of behaviors with others. Continuing the process repeatedly, moving deeper into exploration of our self, and learning to love ALL that we are, is to live a new life. This New Life is filled with different choices, greater possibilities, and increased meaning and peace.

What is Dr. Kat's Trauma Release Yoga Wellness Program?

A One-Of-A-Kind Program

When we experience trauma, it affects the neural pathways of our brains. These changes in our brains can lead to disruptions in our behaviors, moods, and ability to think clearly. Often the trauma effects lead to disturbances in sleep, eating, weight, and relationships with others and ourselves. Anxiety, depression, and physical complaints are not uncommon. It is sometimes difficult to have fulfilling relationships, careers, and lives.


New empirical research is showing that YOGA, especially when combined with psychotherapy and lifestyle changes, can heal the effects of trauma in the brain and the body.       

Through lifelong study of these and various healing modalities, Dr. Kat has combined psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, and nutrition into a one-of-a-kind program offered in Kansas City, MO. 

The Trauma Release Yoga ™ Wellness Program (TRY-Well Program) is an in-depth 12-month long program of healing for trauma. It is divided into 3 Modules, 4-months in length, each of which combine education, introspection, and yoga. Each of the Modules contains 4 day-long Saturday workshops, plus weekly 2-hour yoga & meditation practices.

The focus of this 12-month program is to reduce the symptoms of trauma and its effects. 

Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression all impact our: 

• Sleep Patterns 

• Appetites 

• Body Sensations 

• Breathing Patterns 

• Elimination Processes 

• Sex Drives 

• Relationships with our Self and Others 

• Ability to Think Clearly 

• Ability to Accurately Interpret Situations 

• Ability to Self-Regulate Our Emotions and Actions 

• Ability to Function at a Successful Level at Work, Play, Romantic, and Social Activities


"Breathing in, I calm my body.

Breathing out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment."

                   Thich Nhat Hanh

Loving myself

"A pearl goes up for auction. 

No one has enough, so the pearl buys itself."


The Program

Module 1

Session 1:

Intro to the TRY-Well Program.

How trauma affects and yoga heals the brain and body.

Session 2:

Breathing and the Nervous System

Session 3:

Meditation and Understanding our Inner Stories

Session 4:

Trauma and Samskara Release Intensive

Module 2

Session 1:

Personal Care, Nutrition, and Food Sensitivities

Session 2:

Emotional and Physical Detoxification

Session 3;

Lifestyle Choices for Honoring Your Body

Session 4:

Trauma and Samskara Release Intensive

Module 3

Session 1:

Interpersonal Relationships

Session 2:

Psychotherapy in Healing

Session 3:

The Yoga Sutras

Session 4:

Trauma and Samskara Release Intensive

How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started?

Attend a 2-hour Introduction Class 

• Sign up for Dr. Kat’s Trauma Release Yoga ™ Wellness Program 

• Bring yourself, a journal, and your willingness to heal 

• Prepare yourself for a new life

Peace is Within

"But closing your heart does not really protect you from anything; it just cuts you off from your source of energy. In the end it only serves to lock you inside." 

Michael Singer

Restoring Myself

"You must bring the unconscious into the conscious. Intensified action brings intensified intelligence." 

B. K. S. Iyengar

Other Offerings from Dr. Kat

Individual Therapy

Dr. Bowie sees Individual patients as her schedule allows. Availability is limited and is by appointment only.  Dr. Bowie does not accept insurance.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Dr. Kat offers Yoga Asana Practices in conjunction with her TRY-Well Program. Also, offered are additional yoga asana classes for those who have completed Module 1 of the 

TRY-Well program.

More Yoga Asana Classes are being offered in the future.

"Asanas reflect the art and beauty of the communion of Self with the Universal. They help us release the impediments that shroud the light that is always shining. We are not 'becoming One with' but realizing the Oneness that already is. This is the Union of Yoga." 

                    Rama Jyoti Vernon

                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tonglen Meditation Classes will be added to the schedule in the future. Tonglen Meditation is a highly effective Buddhist meditation that is very helpful in reducing symptoms of Posstraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Panic Attacks, and Anxiety Disorders.

Additional Classes

Classes that Dr. Kat has offered in the past include:

    *  Healthy Choices for the Diabetic Condition

    *  Spring Cleaning: Detox, Juicing, and Juice-fasting

    *  Introduction to Live and Whole Food Living

    *  Tonglen Meditation

    *  Living With Grief

    *  The Widow's Survival Kit

    *  Living Well ~ The Raw Vegan series

    *  Creating a Vision Board for Your Life's Journey

    *  It's Raw Y'all ~ A Raw Vegan Cooking Series

    *  Samskara Release Yoga

    *  The Melding Process: Integrating the Whole Self

    *  Healing Choices for a Healthy Life

    *  Holistic Help for Grief and Loss

    *  Getting Ready for Holiday Stress, Naturally

    *  Non-Traditional Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master Classes

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Hours for Individual Therapy are by appointment only. 

Trauma Release Yoga Wellness Program hours are by Module and include the first Saturday of every month, Plus a 2-hour Yoga Session every Wednesday during the Module.